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Overview of PCI Header

PCI Compliance is a scam! It is a scam the way many companies handle the security of your merchant account. Imagine, and we've all read the web-based comments, a company tells you to submit "Yes" to every answer rather than teaching you about compliance and what it means for your business. That mentality is the same as an alarm company charging you $200 for a sticker to put on your store window saying "You're Protected", but not installing an alarm system in your store... Or a flashing red light in a car without any alarm.

Each day, you make hundreds of decisions for your business. Indeed, some of them don't involve spending any money, but instead involve how to make your business more money. What menu item can I add? What service can I begin to provide? What product to my customer's want? In our world, we feel the Self Assessment Questionnaire is a way for you to save your business money - save from fines and penalties, from customers leaving your store because you aren't compliance, and save from customers complaining that their cardholder data was misused after shopping at your business.

True, PCI Compliance is a scam for many companies that charge for something and don't give you anything in return. But for EPI, PCI Compliance and this website is a real attempt to assist your business and thousands of our merchants nationwide in achieving full, 100%, complete compliance with the PCI DSS.